The Multimodal Trip Planning Application will allow Columbus residents to more easily access different travel options based on personal preference, price or convenience.


Multi-Modal Trip Planning Application

The Goal

A new app will make it easier to plan and pay for travel throughout central Ohio using more than one mode of transportation.

Many Central Ohio residents tend to rely on their vehicles to get around, but there are more ways to get around the city than ever before. However, it can be difficult to plan, book and pay for multiple ways of travel because bus service, ride-share, bike-share and e-scooter options are delivered via different mobile apps and organizations. As traffic congestion worsens with the region’s growing population, the multi-modal trip planning application will make it easier for residents to choose the travel options that work best for them. 

The app suggests routes based on your preferences such as schedule, budget and preferred travel options. Users will fund a single account so they are able to “click to pay” for the entire trip in one easy payment, whether it includes one type of travel (e.g. bus) or several (e.g. ride-share, bus, bike-share). Those who use cash-only will be able to plan and purchase trips by visiting a PayNearMe location. 

It's all powered by real-time data from mobility partners optimized by the Smart Columbus Operating System. The information generated by this pilot will enable government agencies and transit providers to make smarter decisions about where people want to go and provide the travel services needed to get them there. 

Partners on the project include Central Ohio Transit Authority, Campus Area Bus Service, Yellow Cab, EmpowerBus, May Mobility and Gohio Commute. 


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