The Event Parking Management app will make Downtown Columbus and the Short North Arts District a better place to visit by reducing traveler frustration, congestion and automotive exhaust emissions.

Event Parking Management

The Goal

The app will create a one-stop-shop for parking availability, reservation and payment for Downtown and Short North parking garages and surface lots.

With insight from surveys conducted by Experience Columbus, parking in the Short North and Downtown, especially during major events like the Arnold Classic, has been raised as an issue by visitors, residents and businesses alike. During peak demand periods – such as for live entertainment, performing arts and sporting events – vehicles circling the block in search of a parking spot causes congestion and results in driver frustration, increased carbon emissions and strained infrastructure.

Through the new parking app launching in March 2020, drivers will be able to view, reserve and pay for spaces in parking garages and surface lots using a smartphone or web app. Availability of on-street parking will also be accessible in the app using predictive analytic technology. Through this app, drivers will be able to find, reserve and pay for parking space more easily, improving the driving experience and decreasing harmful emissions created by circling and idling. 

Partners on this project include Experience Columbus and City of Columbus Department of Public Service. 

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