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April 6th, 2021

PGAPh Q5 Report

The Smart Columbus Experience Center opened in June 2018, giving stakeholders and community members a location to envision the future of mobility and explore how they can help transform mobility in the Columbus region. 

Also during the April through June 2018 reporting period, the City of Columbus received 93 electric vehicles (EVs) that were purchased for they city fleet. The city has committed to purchasing an additional 107 EVs for its fleet, making the strongest contribution to Smart Columbus’s goal to introduce 300 EVs into public fleets by 2020..

New shared mobility options entered the Columbus market, including Lime, which deployed dockless bikes in the suburb of Dublin, and ZipCar, which deployed its carshare services in the city of Columbus.

Smart Columbus also launched the Ignite Action Fund, where Acceleration Partner organizations can apply for match-grant funding up to $15,000 to deploy EV rebates and smart mobility incentives for their employees. During the quarter, Smart Columbus received nine applications from partner companies.

The Smart Columbus team ramped up Ride & Drive efforts substantially in Q5 in an effort to host events at every Acceleration Partner location during 2018, along with strategic public events to further drive EV adoption. During the time period measured, the team conducted 35 events with 3,993 test drives.

Read more about Q5 of Smart Columbus in the report located below.

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