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November 3rd, 2021

Post by Donna Marbury, Smart Columbus Storyteller


Project Leads Alex Slaymaker, Smart Mobility Adoption Manager, Smart Columbus

Smart Columbus has a hypothesis that we can influence the way our community moves by influencing the way our community gets to work. We’re working to increase electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the seven-county region by nearly 5X and also to decrease single occupant vehicle (SOV) commutes to major workplaces by 10 percent.

The Smart Columbus Acceleration Partners Program is a forum for engaging the local private sector to help Smart Columbus achieve these goals. It also serves as a platform for the private sector to support smart mobility projects where they have expertise or particular relevance.

Each Acceleration Partner company was asked to designate a Mobility Ambassador who acts as a cross-functional project manager to lead internal campaigns focused on changing the commuter culture of their company. Fifty-one participating companies have designated a total of 61 Mobility Ambassadors to the program.

Mobility Ambassadors are invited to meet quarterly to report on successes and challenges and share best practices among each other to build camaraderie. During these meetings, Smart Columbus team members also share project updates to keep Mobility Ambassadors informed across the scope of the initiative. Mobility Ambassadors are also introduced to local and national mobility vendors and services through Smart Columbus and receive assistance with structuring mobility benefits for their employees. 

"During my time as our Mobility Ambassador, the biggest lessons I have learned are that behavior change takes a lot of time and developing the right programming to instill that change is a long and involved process. I am glad that I made the choice to build out the program in steps, ensuring the success of each mobility option," says Jenn Beck, campus coordinator for CoverMyMeds and the company's Mobility Ambassador. "I am confident that our employees will continue to explore and participate in the alternative transportation options we encourage, and that this will help inspire positive change throughout the community."


Mobility Ambassadors attending a meeting with local transit provider, COTA, to learn more about transit options to share with their fellow employees


Tools to Train and Empower Mobility Ambassadors
We used this presentation to guide the Mobility Ambassador training, introducing them to the program’s goals, vision and expectations. 

Each Mobility Ambassador also received a toolkit used to guide them on how to educate and build interest in shared mobility and electric vehicles within their organization. 

The toolkit:
• outlines Smart Columbus’ goals
• gives a checklist of corporate goals that Acceleration Partners are asked to meet
• informs Mobility Ambassadors on how to access shared mobility and EV incentives available to employees
• offers Smart Columbus programming ideas the Ambassadors could customize and implement within their organizations
• gives ideas on how to motivate employees to take advantage of incentives
• details how to create a Mobility Benefit Package tailored to employee needs
• assists with creating an integrated communications plan 
• includes surveys, background information on Smart Columbus and contacts for Mobility Ambassadors

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