Electric Vehicle Charging


EV Charger Expo

May 11th, 2022

Post by Donna Marbury, Smart Columbus Storyteller

Smart Columbus has a goal to increase electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the Columbus region by nearly 5X, and to help achieve that goal we working to install more than 900 charging stations throughout the region to keep those new cars on the road.

In April 2017, Smart Columbus held an EV charging vendor engagement day, inviting local facility managers, fleet managers, property developers, site owners and representatives from other municipalities to learn about how EV charging can work at their sites. The event gave those stakeholders an opportunity to learn about and engage with EV equipment and solutions vendors that could install chargers at multi-unit dwellings, workplaces, public and private garages and other locations frequented by EV owners. Presentations and panel discussions also gave attendees real-world insight from organizations that are currently using public and workplace EV chargers.

The day-long event featured:

  • 14 national EV equipment vendors in an exhibition space
  • An overview of Smart Columbus goals
  • A presentation from AEP and Green Fields Ohio about workplace EV charging
  • A discussion on site engineering considerations led by Smart Columbus consultant GDP
  • Information on permitting and policy insight from the City of Columbus
  • Details on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory public charging siting study in Columbus
  • A panel discussion featuring representatives from Easton, The Ohio State University and AEP about their experiences with having public and workplace charging stations

The included documents can give you a head start in planning your own event that educates your community about EV charging options. 

Press Release
This press release distributed by Smart Columbus was be used to notify both media outlets and community stakeholders about the EV Charging Expo. It includes a list of organizations presenting at the event, and the appropriate audiences that would be interested in attending.

Presentations from Smart Columbus and Partners

Smart Columbus

The Smart Columbus presentation at the event introduced attendees to Smart Columbus leaders. It also included a deep dive on the different types of EV chargers and the equipment needed to maintain them. It ended with an in-depth description of Smart Columbus’ five priorities, and specific ways partners can help by installing EV charging infrastructure. 


The presentation from AEP provided information and photographs on workplace charging stations, and data on both fleet and consumer EV adoption in Columbus.


Steiner and Associates, the company that owns Easton Town Center in Columbus, discussed EV charging at the shopping center in a panel discussion. The presentation included data on several EV chargers available in parking lots and garages at Easton. The data collected at Easton included popular charging times, the number of unique drivers using chargers, users by ZIP code, car make and models that utilize chargers, length of stay, energy consumed and installation challenges. 


The National Renewable Energy Laboratory gave attendees an in-depth look at the Columbus EV consumer and fleet market based on traffic and charging patterns using data from INRIX and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission.


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