The Smart Columbus Connected Vehicle Environment research study aims to improve driver safety and mobility in central Ohio. Study recruitment ended Dec 11, 2020. We equipped just over 300 residents’ vehicles with study equipment designed to provide in-car safety alerts which may help drivers make more informed decisions.

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Equip 1000 Vehicles

Study participants will participate in research through the end of the study on March 31, 2021. Two surveys will be distributed to study participants to share feedback on their driving experience in December 2020 and February 2021.

Blind Spot Awareness
Designed to alert you when there's another connected vehicle in your blind spot when you activate your turn signal.
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Emergency Braking Notification
Designed to warn you when you're at risk of hitting a connected vehicle in front of you.
Intersection Movement Alert
Designed to alert you when you're on a collision course with another equipped vehicle at an intersection.
Red Light Warning
Designed to provide an alert as you're approaching a traffic signal that's about to turn from yellow to red.
School Zone Indicator
Designed to notify you when you're in an active school zone.
Forward Collision Warning
Designed to alert you when a connected vehicle slams on its brakes.


Eligible candidates for our study drive three or more times a week on the following streets:

  • High Street between 5th Avenue and Morse Road
  • Cleveland Avenue between 2nd Avenue and Morse Road
  • Morse Road between High Street and Stygler Road

As a participant, your vehicle will be collecting data and “talking” to other cars and traffic signals every time it’s in the designated area. You’ll even receive study-related safety alerts when interacting with other connected cars outside the corridor (but not alerts from school zones or traffic signals).

heads up display (HUD)
heads up display (HUD)
  • Dash-mounted
  • Delivers audible and visual alerts
in-vehicle equipment
in-vehicle equipment
  • Mounted either under dash or in trunk
  • Includes external magnetic mounted antenna
  • Does not track personally identifiable info
  • Does not control vehicle

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You will receive, at no cost, the after-market vehicle study safety device which is designed to provide warnings and alerts to help improve your awareness of roadway hazards and assist in avoiding crashes along the study corridor of Morse Road, High Street, Cleveland Avenue and Alum Creek.
You will receive an on-board unit that will be installed by a licensed auto shop in your community in your dash or under your seat. A small magnetic antenna will be placed on the exterior of your vehicle. A four-inch screen heads-up display will be mounted on your dash. The equipment is removable and will not harm or damage your vehicle.
Eligible participants will receive the following:
  • $15 upon qualifying to participate via the pre-qualification questionnaire
  • $200 after the study-related safety equipment is installed
  • $40 upon completing the first survey
  • $60 upon completing the second survey
There will be no cost for your participation in the study. There may be a cost to have the study device removed from your vehicle after the demonstration.

This is an "actual use" study where you will participate in real-life scenarios of typical Study Device use. As a result, you will be exposed to normal driving risk as a result of participating in this study and you will be responsible for operating your vehicle in accordance with state and local laws governing the operation of motor vehicles. It is unlikely, due to the informative nature of the Study Device, that you will be exposed to additional risk as a result of participating in this study. The Study Device is designed to add a margin of safety to your driving experience. However, there are potential risks to you, which could include but are not limited to:

  1. Failure of the Study Device to operate as you were instructed that it should.
  2. Failure of the Study Device to fulfill its designed safety function to provide a warning.
  3. Distraction from false warnings or unnecessary warnings.
  4. Inability to identify the driving problem associated with one or more warnings.
  5. Driving too fast while expecting the Study Device to inform when to slow down.
  6. Expecting the Study Device to yield benefits without your cooperation or proper use.
  7. Breach of Study Device data protections by "hackers" or hostile actors.
  8. Breach of personal data protections by "hackers" or hostile actors.
  9. Risks which are currently unknown

We will be collecting the following information from you to aid in determining your eligibility and to follow-up with you to distribute the study surveys:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Home address
  • Work ZIP code
  • Verifying current driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle registration
During the study, we will be gathering information to be used to evaluate the performance of the connected vehicle technology. By participating, you are providing permission to collect data from the study-related safety equipment when driving within wireless communications range of roadside devices located along the Study Area. This data, by itself, is not associated with you. The system will see a vehicle, but it won’t know it’s your vehicle.

You are free to withdraw from the study at any time. If you do withdraw, please use the online support form to schedule an appointment to remove the device. You may also keep the installed equipment after the study period is over. If you want the equipment removed after the study period is over, please contact the study’s principal investigator, Alyssa Chenault via email at or by phone 614-493-7253.

Please use the support form to contact the Principal Investigator about any issue with the safety equipment or if you’ve been in a car crash. You can access the online support form here.

After March 2021, the study-related safety equipment is yours to keep as it will continue to generate alerts even after the demonstration is over (as long as the City of Columbus maintains the system). However, if you would prefer to have it uninstalled, The City of Columbus is offering free uninstallations between April 1 and March 31, 2021. Please contact Alyssa Chenault at or 614-493-7253 as soon as possible

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