Mobilize smart city engagement and investment in the Columbus region so that the Smart City Challenge win catalyzes Columbus’ transformation into America’s Smart City. 

Acceleration Fund

The Goal

Galvanize $1 billion in smart city investments in the Columbus Region.

Progress To-Date:

  • $58 million committed to date

During the Smart City Challenge, Columbus' private sector rallied under the leadership of Mayor Andrew J. Ginther and The Columbus Partnership, a non-profit organization made up of 75 CEOs of the region's largest private sector employers. Collectively, the private sector in the Columbus Region committed to investing $90 million in aligned initiatives that would help grow the smart city opportunity if we won. 

This Smart Columbus “Acceleration Fund” was a key reason Columbus won the Challenge, and will help us take this opportunity, and turn it into a chance to transform Columbus into an epicenter for smart mobility research, testing, startup activity and business growth.

The Acceleration Fund today stands at nearly $600 million in committed investments, with a goal of $1 billion in committed private and public sector investments by 2020.

About $12 million of this fund is cash, which is used to fund Smart Columbus staffing, office space, community programming and related activities. But the vast majority of the Acceleration Fund is made up of coordinated and aligned investments by the private and public sectors that will complement, scale and sustain Smart Columbus projects and programs into the future.

Investments include:

  • Nearly $200 million from AEP to modernize our electric grid and advance electric vehicle adoption 
  • Investment by the State of Ohio, The Ohio State University and Honda to build new first-class autonomous vehicle testing facilities at Transportation Research Center 
  • Dollars committed by the City of Columbus to deploy smart street lights throughout the city and procure electric vehicles in its fleet 
  • Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) investment to enable all buses with Wi-Fi and transition to mobile fare payment 
  • Launch of the first-ever Singularity University Smart City Accelerator in Columbus

Collectively, these investments will drive our journey toward becoming smart. They will also make our city more opportune for business growth and corporate investment, and more attractive for testing and startups. These investments will also translate into economic opportunity for our residents.

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